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How to distinguish the quality of edge banding

How to distinguish the quality of edge banding

1. Look at the hue and surface roughness of the edge banding. The color of the surface of a good edge banding is also very important. Whether the color is close to the customized product and bright. If the surface is very rough and there are scratches, the quality will definitely not be much better. This is the surface quality of the edge banding strip.

It has little to do with the quality of the inner material of the edge banding, it mainly depends on the production process of the edge banding factory and the production technical skills of the employees. A good edge banding is: the surface must be smooth, no or little foaming, no or little stretching, moderate gloss, not too bright or too matte (unless there are special requirements).

2. Check the flatness of the surface and bottom of the edge banding, and whether the thickness is uniform, otherwise it will cause the joint between the edge banding and the board, the glue line is too eye-catching or the gap between the board and the side banding is too large, which will affect the overall beauty. Details determine success or failure, and often a small detail problem may bring about an embarrassing situation where the overall effect is not good.

3. Whether the edge banding and trimming are whitish, whether the surface of the bent edge banding is seriously whitish, and whether the background color of the trimming edge banding is close to the surface color of the board in question.

PVC edge banding is mainly made of PVC and calcium carbonate plus additives. If the calcium carbonate content is too high, there will be whitening of the edge banding, whitening of the bending, etc., which proves that the quality of this kind of product is not good.

4. Whether the strength is acceptable and whether there is elasticity. Higher strength means better wear resistance, and the corresponding quality is better. Too high strength also means that processing difficulty increases.

Low elasticity means low wear resistance and low aging resistance. In addition, according to the needs of actual production, if manual trimming is generally required, soft points can be properly made, and automatic edge banding machines can be properly made hard points.

5. Whether the adhesive is applied evenly and whether it is easy to fall off during use.

6. Smell the smell of PVC edge banding. Products produced with good quality raw materials generally have little taste. If the smell is too strong, it means that the quality of raw materials used in production is relatively poor.